Camshaft identification

I need to know the specs on my camshaft, it is stamped with “952159”. It also says “cmc 1579” next to one of the lobes. Does anyone have the specs on this cam?

Should we guess what engine the cam is for? Or are you going to tells us?

I assume you’ve Googled both numbers, right?

Wow, can’t believe I forgot to say what engine it was for! It’s a Small block 350 that was swapped into an 87 Chevy R10. Yes, I did google it he numbers, but came back with no real results.

The CMC number is the cam blank and it comes from the Camshaft Machine Company in Michigan. I can’t find the part number either.

If you own a dial indicator and a degree wheel, you can measure it yourself.

Thank you!

You can contact CMC here:
Contact Us | Camshaft Machine Company

A simple set of calipers would at least give you cam lift. The difference between the base circle and the lobe peak gives cam lift, multiply by 1.5 to get valve lift. Something in the 0.410 range is a pretty mild cam.

On second thought never mind.