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Camry won't start

I have a '95 Camry LE with the 2.2L four cylinder. The car ran PERFECT. Went to town today, great. Get in it a few hours after returning, it will turn over but not start. It is getting fuel, no fuses are blown, but is not getting fire. Suggestions???

If the plugs aren’t getting spark then make sure the ignition system is getting power to it. If this engine has a distributor make sure the rotor is turning.

It is getting fuel How do you know they are getting fuel?

Have you checked to make sure the plugs are giving spark?

After fuel and spark, you are left with compression.

We checked the ignition system and it is getting power, however we pulled both the ignition module and the distributor off and had them tested at Advanced. and they were fine. Taking the ign. mod. to the dealership to have them test it though.
I know it is getting fuel because the smell is very noticeable when turning over.

If the plugs are getting spark to them then the ignition system should be ok and you need to check other things like the compression if you are sure that fuel is getting to the cylinders.

It isn’t getting fire, that’s what I don’t get. Unless all the plug wires went bad all of a sudden?? I don’t know.