Camry Hybrid vs Fun car


I’ve owned one Corolla and two Camrys and all have been great cars. I’m bored with my 2000 Camry and want to update. Nissan Altimas seem sexier and more high powered, but I’m thinking about a 2008 Camry Hybrid. Reviews say it’s very plain and I agree, it looks like my current Camry. But I help save the planet. Any opinions? I’m in a quandry.


The hybrids gas mileage is actually not much better than a normal Camry’s in real world driving. There are many vehicles that can even get better mileage, that cost a fraction of the price.
Personally, I’d save some money and buy a normal car. If you want a fun car, though, you’d probably have to avoid any Toyota. Depending on your budget, a Honda Accord might be a good choice, or perhaps a more sporty car, such as a Mazda Miata, or any Mazdaspeed cars. You also might want to consider a Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky, or even go for something larger, like a Dodge Charger, or wait a little while and get one of the new Pontiac G-8s.


The regular Camry should get good enough highway gas mileage. The rocker panel upgrade looks great no matter which type of brid you get. The new Camry looks better than the “styled by Buick” old one.


The hybrids gas mileage is actually not much better than a normal Camry’s in real world driving.

I know two people who one them…Both get about 50% BETTER mileage then other camry’s…I’d say that’s a significant increase in gas mileage. But both of them have commutes that are PERFECT for hybrids. Stop and go driving for about a 15miles commute.


If “saving the planet” is high on your priority list, keep your 2000 Camry as long as you can. Building a new car, hybrid or otherwise, uses an enormous amount of energy. Your current car is fuel-efficient, and can serve your transport needs for many years to come. Buying new “things” does nothing to save the planet or the people on it, it just feeds our desire to consume.

But you’re bored, so get the sexier and higher-powered Altima and be happy. Until the “new” wears off.


Have you considered a Scion tC? I absolutely have a blast in mine. It’s 100% Toyota, with the engine from the camry (tweaked for more peppiness) and a great sliding glass roof.

It won’t save the planet, but it won’t guzzle gas (or money) like a true sports car would either.


How about a Mini Cooper? EPA Mileage Estimates: 24 mpg / 31 mpg stick, 22/32 auto for the turbo charged version, 25/33 stick, 26/35 auto for the base model. The engine is made by BMW, so it’s gonna be as good(if not better than) a Honda or Toyota engine. I’m not sure if the warranty is like BMW, if it is, you get even oil changes under warranty, so it’s free from the dealership. A fully loaded Cooper S will run you about $30~35k brand new, depending on the packages you buy.


Hondas seem to be more lively than Toyotas. Compare the Civic to the Corolla or the Accord to the Camry.

The Mazda Miata is the ideal small sports car. It fun to drive like an MG, Austin Healey, Triumph or Alfa Romeo from the 1960s, but is frugal like a modern Honda or Toyota. Its only disadvantages are limited space and a fairly hard, noisy ride.

The current Honda Civic Si might be a good compromise. It has more space than the Miata, but doesn’t perform as well. Fuel consumption is about the same for both cars.


Also, that price was for the convertible version, not the coupe. I don’t recommend the sunroof with the coupes, though. You don’t get one of those full panel covers inside, like most cars, it’s just a mesh covering, so sunlight still gets in.


What about a Camry Solara? You could even get a convertible. It’s a great car. The SLE is more Lexus than Toyota.