Camry Hybrid airbags didn’t inflate

why the airbags did not open for toyota camry hybrid 2015 even it got hit from front and behind

The Occupant Classification System (OCS) may have been improperly calibrated, which may prevent the proper deployment of the front passenger airbag and knee airbag in the event of a crash.

Not all accidents will have the airbags deploy . Speed and point of impact all figure into what is deployed.


If you were IN the car when it was hit, and you are here posting this question, the airbags did not need to deploy. The rest of the car’s safety systems protected your life. Be happy with that. Not all accidents need the airbags to deploy.


If the car’s crumple zones can absorb enough momentum, the airbags are unnecessary.


Airbags are programmed not to go off unless they will mitigate more injury than they will cause.

Popular opinion holds that airbags are nice, soft, pillowy things that you nestle into in a crash. The reality is that they’re a pressurized wall of solid fabric heading toward your face at triple-digit speeds. Modern airbags are designed to deploy without causing too much injury, and they’re designed to start deflating before you hit them, but you’re still ramming into them at a pretty good clip and it’s not going to feel good.

In short, if the computer determines that the crash energy is low enough that your seat belt will keep you from being injured, it will not deploy the airbags. (and modern airbags will check to see if you’re wearing your seat belt, and if you’re not, will deploy the airbag at a lower crash energy than they would if you were).


How fast was each car moving for the front collision? As for the rear collision, I don’t think airbags normally deploy for that, as it wouldn’t really help.

Folks who design cars are pretty clever. The air bags did not deploy because they did not need to deploy to protect you.

Be glad, very glad the air bag did not deploy. It is not a soft fluffy pillow. It is a violent rapid expansion of a bag that keeps you from crushing your head or chest on the steering wheel, dash or other solid parts of the car. An air bag will bruise/burn your face, maybe break your nose, maybe break ribs. The trade off is that you are alive. That is a deal I will take any day.