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Camry engine smoke

camry smoke on startup is a leaking fuel injector seal, not an oil leak.

This was in regards to the guy with the 2000 Camry that would have a puff of dark gray smoke upon first starting his car in the morning. I had this same problem with my 2001 Camry in 2005. From this guys description and the fact he recently did pass a smog inspection I would suspect a leaking fuel injector seal within the fuel rail. During the night fuel is slowly leaking into one of the cylinders and when the car is first started up the cylinder combustion cycle is overloaded and thus the puff of dark smoke. After the engine warms up and burns the excess fuel off, no more smoke is noticed till the next day. This should be fixed in a timely manner because it is hard on the catalytic converter.

Could be, but valve seal leaks causing minor smoke on startup are common on Camrys of that age. And grey smoke is more likely oil than gas.

Ditto to Texases post. What happens when the valve stem seals wear is that oil seeps past one or more of the seals overnight and onto the back of the valve or into the cylinder and the oil gets drawn into the cylinder and burned upon startup.

It’s not at all uncommon for an 11 year young engine.

+1 on Texases’ comment.

Quite honestly, I see older Toyotas doing this ALL the time. Seems to be extremely common among 4 cylinders, too.

Mine stopped doing it when I switched to high-mileage oil, fwiw…