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Camry Engine Problem?

I have a 2001 Toyota Camry with only 56,000 miles on it and I have noticed that the engine has been very sluggish on start-up first thing in the morning. This happens only when the weather gets cooler and is worst in winter. Warm weather, no problem. After I back out the driveway, I have to step on the accelerator 2-3 times before the car will go forward. The engine sounds like it’s straining. After initial start-up, no problem. Now, lately I have begun seeing blue smoke coming from the exhaust . . . again only on initial start-up in the morning. Any ideas?

Blue smoke is usually related to oil burning. Hopefully it is something simple like the PCV valve.
You can easily clean them out with some carb cleaner or WD40.

Could this be a clogged PCV valve issue causing the blue smoke? Often over looked maintenance item that causes more engine pressure and oil seepage into places it should not be.

The air bypass valve could also need cleaning on the intake causing the harder to start condition in the winter months condition. This is because the computer is trying to compensate for more RPM at idle and more fuel to get the engine going in the cooler weather.