Camry 2002 LE Check engine light on, code P0300

The check engine light is on since Dec 30, 2009 and the code is P0300 (checked by Autozone). Changed oil and engine air filter on Dec 24th at the dealership. The car rarely seem to miss a beat and runs fine. It has 82K on it. Any advice to fix it? It has original spark plugs and they should last 100K.

“It has the original spark plugs and they should last 100K”. The operative word here is SHOULD.

DTC P0300 is a random misfire. Worn spark plugs can cause this code to show up.


I have a 2000 Camry V6 and an '01 Toyota Sequoia with a V8 and both require new plugs every 30K according to the owners manual. I think your Toyota is overdue for new plugs.