Camry 2001 timing belt

2001 camry 90 K miles (wife’s and she won’t take it in)

1) is this an interference engine?

2) if I get her to take it in should the water pump be done at the same time?


First I don’t think it’s a interference engine.

Second…Are you sure it has a belt and not a chain.

Third…Every timing belt interval change I heard of since the mid 90’s has been over 100k miles…not 90k.

Forth…What does the manual say???

  1. is this an interference engine?

    I don’t know, but someone will be around to say for sure. I am about 80% certain it is.

    Even if it is not, having a timing belt go is a dangerous thing. The engine will stop. Not run bad, but stop without warring. On a freeway this can be very bad. The steering can also become very hard. At best it means you wife may get stuck on the freeway far from help. (Make sure she has a cell phone)

  2. if I get her to take it in should the water pump be done at the same time?


Right from the Gates Timing Belt guide

1998-01 2.2L 4-Cyl. T199 3 90,000
1988-91 2.5L V6 T157 60,000, Severe
1992-93 3.0L V6 T200 60,000, Severe
1995-97 3.0L V6 T257 60,000, Severe
1998-01 3.0L V6 T257 90,000

Oop, message posted before I was done. According to Gates neither the 4 or V6 is an interference engine, but both intervals are 90k.

Sounds like not a problem for her taking it in then. She can wait on the side of the road for the tow truck to take it in for her when it breaks.

Don’t go by what gates says as far as interval goes. They’re intervals are ALWAYS less then what the OEM says…If they can get you to buy a timing belt at 90k instead of 110k…they’re making money.