Camaro question

is it illegal to run a straight pipe on a 1991 camaro v6 3.1 ? because i read on the internet somewhere that its legal when the car is over 1989 can someone help me

You need to say the state where the car is registered. It is most likely out of compliance with anti pollution controls if you are bypassing the cat.

Some states have inspections and others don’t. If you live in a state with emissions testing, you likely won’t pass the test with straight pipes.

i live in tennessee and the cat converter is already off and has a glasspack on it it so would it still be illegal to straight pipe it ?

Its illegal in all states to put pipes on a v6

then why did i read on a camaro website that you can cut the cat off and run straights as long as the car is a 1990 and up?

It was humor. I dont understand why anybody would put pipes on a v6…forgive me

well all i want to know is if its legal or not because believe it or not straights sound good on some v6’s … and if it doesnt sound good when i have it with srtaights i will put a thrush glass pack on it … so is it legal or not ?

I dont know if its legal. Your local muffler shop should be able to tell you or somebody that builds engines in your area. Make some phone calls…

ok thanks bye

Harley’s seldom have any mufflers, Harley and Camaro owners share the same space on the evolutionary ladder, so I guess it’s OK until a local cop tells you it is not okay…A V6 Camero is a pretty sad car and taking the muffler and cat off it won’t make it or you any better…

In my mind the “illegal” part was removing the cat.convertor in the first place, that is a “Federal crime”, running straight pipes is just anti-social.

In most states, it is considered illegal to alter any vehicle’s exhaust system in order to increase noise, but a lot of people get away with it. You may not with a V6 because a lot of people, including police officers, do not like the way they sound. When I was younger, I had a 1988 Chevy pickup with a 3" single aftermarket converter Y piped into dual 2 1/2" tailpipes with no mufflers and 3 1/2" megaphone tips, which was very loud, but also sounded very good. I asked a local cop if it was too loud, and they told me it probably was, but it sounded really good so it was okay. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t okay with the people who lived along the highway when I was driving back home from the racetrack, race car trailer in tow with the overdrive locked out well after midnight, but it did sound absolutely heavenly to a truck full of gearheads in their late teens and early twenties…

Call the local branch of the state troopers and ask them. It’s pretty pointless on a 3.1 6 banger but to each his own.

I do disagree with Caddyman lumping all HD and Camaro owners together. My oldest son holds a Bachelors in Meteorology, Masters in Earth Science, and a PhD in Climatology and my youngest son is an accountant with Bachelors degrees in accounting and business and a Masters in accounting.
The oldest owns a Camaro and the youngest did own a Camaro until a moron in a Crown Vic took it out while making a left turn across 6 lanes of roadway and the Vic got centerpunched in the drivers door.

Check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and with your local cops. You may be in violation of not only regulations controlling exhaust modifications but also of noise ordinances.

Ohhh, but it’s only illegal if you get caught!

He’s from Tennessee, 'nuff said ! !