Cam magnet

I have a 3800 engine on a 92 Olds that lost the magnet on the cam gear. Any chance it can be replaced through the hole where the cam position sensor is removed from? Is it installed from the front or rear of the cam gear

Nope, can’t be replaced that way.
Its bigger than the hole.

Yes, you have to tear apart the engine in order to get the job done.


They make a kit that allows replacement of the magnet without tearing the engine apart.


Yeah but maybe getting in there would be a good idea in order to check out the condition of the timing chain.

Did they still use the phenolic top gear in 1992?

I know if I was going to tear it apart to replace the magnet then I’d just buy the timing set at the same time and be done with it.

The OP asked if there was a way to replace the cam magnet without taking the engine apart. And I answered that question. It would appear the OP isn’t interested in replacing the timing chain.