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Calling all honda lovers once again!

since i had such positive feedback last time, i will post another dilemma for all you fellow mechanics!!!..on the same vehicle ( 1989 honda civic 4 door, 1.6 litre pressure cooker)…replacing the water pump and it is timing belt driven and the motor mount is right above that, could i get by with accessing it thru the drivers side wheel well or do i gotta go balls first from the top to reach it??

When replacing timing belt(s)/water pump on your Civic, that top motor mount has to be removed.


thank you tester, wanna come help have some fun tearing into it???..LOL…thank god for rubber gasket o-rings on the new ones so it wont leak ever again!!!

The only thing I will add is that after this is all reassembled you should double check the timing marks.
After that, rotate the engine through by hand several turns and recheck the marks again.

You would not believe how many people, including mechanics, slap one together and hit the starter while assuming that nothing could possibly be out of time.
Rotate it by hand and if there’s a problem nothing will be damaged if something is off.
Hit the starter motor with something out of whack and that half second of chatter could be the valves bending.