Call me crazy

Call me crazy-but I want a new vehicle with rollup windows,no airbags,no stability system-dont even give a hoot about ABS-what I do want are crush zones,3or 4 point safety harness system and intergrated roll cage and enough power to get out of harms way-The gov’t should of course let me have this-my old Ford trucks didn’t even have seatbelts-Kevin

And your question is…?

Why do you want windows?

Okay, you win, you’re crazy.

Being crazy does not make you a bad person, some of the kindest, best people I know are crazy. Heck, I myself am crazy! Well, they used to say I was crazy, now that I’m getting on in years they say I’m senile. Same diff.

What you’re looking for exists. It’s a fiberglass dune buggy with a Porsche engine.

I know exactly what you mean, and it isn’t crazy. I’d be tempted to get such a thing myself. But you can’t make it as simple as what “the gov’t” will “let me have” - as if there is some huge pent up demand that automakers would just love to fill if the darned gov’t would just get out of everyone’s way. There are lots of things that I’d like to be able to buy rather than what is available, but I am a pretty small market niche.

There is also this problem that auto companies themselves constantly move away from simplicity on a basis that seems to be partly motivated by an actual desire to increase complexity - to make it harder for normal folk to take care of their own cars. Sure, some of the complexity is wrapped up in state mandates - but don’t forget that those kinds of things themselves often come from very strong pressure from the public - for things like better safety and environmental quality. There’s no school bully on the corner keeping you football away from you. There is a really complicated world of things that makes things what they are.

Maybe you want to just go find another old truck and maybe restore it?

Maybe some of those kit cars would be close to what you describe.

I can remember having cars like that. They also did not have AC were not comfortable and if I had one when that Greyhound bus hit me on the freeway, I might not be writing this.

I agree with you however. That’s have natural selection works. :slight_smile:

10-4 on the crashworthiness-however I would like to have AC and I do want something with a decent power to weight ratio-I resent haaving to settle for something that is loaded with gimmicks mandated by the govt-particulary things of dubious benefit-having said that howeverI do think new cars are much better then older cars(thanks in part to Uncle Sam) I remember standing in line every weekend for Jalopy parts.-Kevin

The last time I was in Bolivia I rode in such a vehicle. It was a bare bones Toyota Jeep with virtually no safety equipment, and would be totally illegal in the US, Canada or Mexico.

You can still buy cars without ABS or traction control with a good power to weight ratio.

Best join a vintage car club and the members can give you some direction on a 60s car with all the things you want. The roll cage you can order from the J C Whitney catalogue and install yourself.

Again, a new car with what you want is only sold in third world countries without any safety legislatiuon.

Well I have a time trying to put into question form the point I’m trying to get across-I really like youse guys viewpoints and knowledge,do believe the gist of my post is understood-Kevin

Have looked at kit cars from time to time,your right a person could pretty well end up with what they want-Kevin

What’s wrong with an absolutely plain-Jane Toyota Tacoma pick up?

And you are crazy. Feel better?

Well, you’re sort of out of luck on the no airbag thing. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want one. I can see not wanting ABS though. 3 point saftey harness have been the standard for the last 25 years. Sounds like a base model “work truck” best fits your criteria.

Whew! thanks WW-had me doubting my insanity for awhile(what a relief) guess I’m a simple nut,who likes simple things.Have to check the Tacos out-are they availiable with the long bed and V-6.I have a Dodge Dakota 06 QC ,that pretty much fits the bill-except for the power and economy(got rollup windows any way). KM

Found one!! It’s a brand spanking new 1977 Trans Am Firebird built by Year One! Check it out at

Here’s another, and yes it is STREET LEGAL!!!

There is hope!wow look at the true options-drool! Kevin