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For cosmetic reasons, I would like to paint the calipers on my car, is there any reason not to do this? If not any recommendations on how to proceed?

Thank you

The dogs that pee on your wheels really like RED calipers…some folks favor yellow ones…So pick a color, by a spray can and have at it…Maybe you could find some florescent back-lights to high-lite them at night…

There are kits or this with epoxy paint but any painted caliper other than a factory job will look dirty and trashy after a while. It would look better left alone.

Just get a can of auto spray paint and have at it. Should go well with your spinners.


I agree with regular automotive spray paint.

While epoxy based paints provide superior adhesion and durability, they should not be used without protective respiratory equipment, their fumes are really potent, and they take 72 hours or more to cure before use. They’re great for really tough applications like masonry or bathtubs, but I don’t recommend them for the stated application.