California smog check

I have a 1998 silverado 6 cylinder and i need a smog check to get new registration. the engine light says the the #4 cylinder has no combustion. last year i replaced the fuel injectors and barley passed. any secrets to get around this while being broke?

I suppose the truck has a trouble code of P0304 (misfire #4 cylinder)? Swap #3 spark plug, and #3 spark plug wire, with those of #4. Remove the distributor cap. Use a screwdriver to remove the deposit from the contacts inside the cap. Scrape the tip of the rotor. Examine the inside of the towers where the spark plug wires go into the cap. If there is rust, or corrosion, scrape it out. Have the present codes erased at Auto Zone, or other auto parts store, for free. Drive the truck until the check engine light comes on. Have the code read. Come back, here, with results and codes.