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Cadillac Northstar Engine Repair

My '96 Cadillac Northstar has a cracked head gasket at 98000 miles. So far no dealer or other mechanic has been willing to perform the head gasket repair.

I have looked for a short/long block or rebuilt engine without success.

Other than the gasket issue the car looks and runs like new and I really don’t want to junk it and buy a new car at this time.

Any suggestions as to how to fix this problem.

I had the same problem on my 97 DeVille just last week. Got repair quotes, $2500 to $3500 for repair of gasket or $7500 for a new used engine. Decided to take the chance on one of the chemical head gasket repairs. I got a can of the “Barsleak Head Gasket Fix”. With this product, you just shake it up and dump it in the overfill tank and start the engine. No flushing of the anti-freeze was necessary with this stuff. All of the other brands that I read about (Heal-a-Seal, KW Head Gasket Repair and Barsleak Head Gasket Repair) required you to flush out all the old anti freeze because their products won’t stick to the leak if there is any anti freeze (silicon in the fluid seems to be the culprit)present. After idling for 10 minutes, I cautiously crept out of the driveway and went very slow around the block a few times. I got back, got out and smelled for anti freeze odor, and there was none! I ran it up to highway speeds and did the smell test again and still nothing! I then went and got the oil changed and drove 35 miles. Still no smell. Checked the fluid level and it hadn’t lost anything that I could tell. Did this on Saturday. Its now Tuesday and 250 miles later and still seems to be working great! Best $29.95 I’ve ever spent on a car! By the way, I did this on 1/10/09, today is 1/13/09, 3 degrees out and Saturday wasn’t any better, cold-wise, so it works in way below freezing weather besides (Wisconsin). From all the forums that I’ve recently read about these types of products, that its a 50/50 chance that it will work for you. Best of luck.

Was car overheated? If so problem may not only be a gasket, it may require machinning cylinder head as well, it may warp in event of overheat. Other than that you may try stop leak stuff, which may or may not work in your case.

It’s time to dump it Eric. Sooner the better.

Look at for a good used engine in your area. $7500 is WAAAAAAY to much to pay for one installed.