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Cadillac brakes

What is the general life expectancy for brakes on a Cadillac CTS?

That depends entirely on how you drive and where.
Aggressive = shorter brake pad life. Gentle = longer.
City = shorter. Country = longer.
Mountains = shorter. Flat = longer.

“Normal” drivers usually get 30-40K miles…

A friend had her 2007 CTS with approx 30k miles in for a noise in the rear differential (2nd time) and while there was told she needed new brakes to include rotors. She was told the rotors couldn’t be resurfaced. Is this normal? Will teh rotors need replacing every time brake work is needed?

"She was told the rotors couldn’t be resurfaced."
Often, they can, but they never should be. After they are turned (resurfaced) they are so thin that they soon warp and cause vibration. In your friend’s case, they were probably already too thin to turn. Anyway, it costs only a tiny bit more to replace them than to turn them.
"Will teh rotors need replacing every time brake work is needed?"
Maybe, it all depends. It’s not abnormal to have to replace them every other time the pads are replaced.

Thanks for the info. At least she can be prepared for future work that will be needed.