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Cabrio 2000 brake issue

from time to time when applying breaks there is a feeling and noise like I have hit an ice patch - pump breaks twice and all is well - Breaks are 1 year old / break fluid is full / What do you think?

When you pump it, does the pedal come up and does the “feel” get harder?

I think you need to get this looked at by a competant shop ASAP. You probably just need the system bled. There’s probably air in the lines. But let them look at it and don’t make any premature assumptions.

That ICE PATCH feeling is your brain telling you that …“I KNOW I should be slowing down as I apply the brakes” But as soon as you hit the brakes…and no decelleration takes place in that instant you almost feel like you sped up a little…right? LOL… This would happen to me on my Mtn Bike when I got the rims wet…as soon as I pulled the brake lever…and no slowing occured it feels like I sped up…LOL This isnt a laughing matter… NEEDS ATTENTION ASAP! The next time you look for brakes…they might not be there AT ALL…

If you havent had any recent brake service and this just cropped up then your Brake master cylinder is a VERY likely suspect…Next or rather at the same level is air in the brake system… Having to pump the brakes to get them to bite…suggests air in the system or a failing Brake master cylinder…

good pedal / good stopping power / pedal is up where it should be / does not pull - thought it had healed itself because it had been almost a month - but the other day it happened again.

Is the master cylinder the same thing as the brake “booster”? at some point some one had said the booster??? and vacuum lines were replaced all over the place. Yes, I am new at this LOL -

No but your Master is bolted to your booster…the booster provides you with vacume assist to actuate your master cylinder much more easily…its the “Power” in Power Brakes…which all cars have now…I am old enuf to have driven many many cars without assist…lol

If it was your booster as an issue your brakes would be hard to push in…it wouldnt cause you to have to pump your pedal to gain pressure back… a faulty master cyl or air in the line…or a deteriorating brake hose blowing up like a balloon will cause what you are seeing…but a hose…wouldnt let you get pedal pressure back at all…it will be spongy the entire time so forget the hose idea…

I seriously suspect your Master Cyl as the culprit… You also need to look for leaks of fluid but I think you said you had no low fluid… If you did…look all around the insides of your wheel…if you have a leak in a caliper or wheel cyl it will leak onto the wheel and tire…

Since the pedal is up where it should be, pumping the brakes does not affect the feel, and this is happening intermittantly, I’d say you have about a 99% chance that your master cylinder is failing. I agree with Honda on this.

And I urge you to get this to a shop…preferably on a towtruck. You could lose all braking ability at any moment. I suspect that right now you’re intermittantly losing 1/2 your brakes (the MC has two pistons, one activates two brakes and the other the other two. It’s set up diagonally for balance should you lose one half of the system). The entire system is detined to fail…any time now.

OK everyone - I will get into the shop this week!!!
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I love this little car and sure would hate to end up in a ditch somewhere!!

Why are so many people spelling “brake” wrong?