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Cabin air filter

Both my cars have them. Both need to b changed. Should I get paper or carbon coated version? Sort of a cheap/higher priced choice. Both are under wiper cowl. Easy to change. And yes they are grungy. U try living outside in the rain/snow.

I just go with the paper version.

I just get the OEM one and forget it.

They are easy enough to change often enough to use the cheaper filter.

The carbon ones can remove foul odors and to a certain extent, fumes…

Of course, that assumes that the foul oders and fumes are emanating from OUTSIDE of the car…

Good point Dr, plus you wouldn’t be able to blame on the farms anymore.

I don’t know. I drive through some spots where you can still blame it on the farms.

Considering that a lot of cars don’t even have cabin filters, I’d call it a non-decision. Without some weird reason I’d get the cheapest thing I could.

The key to using the blame game for foul odors is traveling with three or more people. One or two doesn’t do it.

Don’t forget the dog!
Traveling with a dog gives you a convenient extra “person” to blame.


Ya, dogs will happily accept the blame for anything ; man’s best friend .