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CA Smog for BMW from MA


Shipped my 1994 BMW 318i from MA to CA. Didn’t pass CA Smog. 126K miles, well-maintained (i.e., all 30k 60k, 90K suggested maintenance plus regular twice a year “check ups”). Cat converter needs to be changed, I’m told, with no 100% gurantee that it will pass smog after $ spent. Can’t afford to buy a car now. What do I have to do to pass smog???

Has the converter ever been replaced? It’s entirely plausible that this part has degraded in efficiency after 17+ years of driving. It’s also possible that your oxygen sensor(s) are weak as well if they haven’t ever been changed.

You need to list the reason from the testing why the vehicle failed for us to properly help you.


Was the engine warmed up properly before the test?
Why did you fail the test.