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Bypassing air conditioner pro m cons

Im had to put a new water pump in my 95 jeep with 4.0 What am i going to gain by bypassing the air conditioner other than gas mileage. How much mileage might a guy gain?

Is it as simple as getting the right belt and just not including the air or is there something else i have to do?

Thanks for any info…

Are you planning on eliminating a properly working A/C or working around an inoperative one?

If the former, you will gain very little in mileage and none in the latter.

also i replaced thermostat…is there anything else i should do while i have it apart??

The air works. I just thought if there were enough gains i would bypass it. Sounds like it stays.


Will you also keep the windows shut? If not, you’ll be giving up your gains and possibly more.

My comfort is worth a small amount of extra gas, but it’s your call.

It’s more than just comfort, too. A/C also reduces the humidity on those cold days, helping to clear your windshield, improving your visibility, making you a safer driver.

The Air Stays! Thanks

I’d stick with the working A/C. It will drop your mileage a little bit but not enough to even worry about.

Back in the old days (say 40 years ago) a compressor would sap a couple or three MPG even on the older large displacement engines because the compressors were huge, heavy, and required a lot of horsepower to operate. Newer compressors don’t chew up near as much power and if you were to modify and install an old GM A6 compressor on a modern 4 cylinder car it would probably bog it down horribly once the A/C was switched on.

That’s one reason why back in the 70s GM switched to the R4 compressor. Engines and power output dropped off a lot and the R4 was much smaller, lighter, and did not eat up near as much horsepower as the Godzilla compressors it replaced.