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Buzzer Insanity!

Help! I just recently purchased a 1984 VW Rabbit convertible. I bought it knowing that the “idiot” light and buzzer for the oil sensor comes on when the engine revs at around 2100 RPMs, and won’t shut off until I turn the car off. I replaced the oil sensor however it made no difference. Even when I disconnect the oil sensor unit, the buzzer still turns on! Any ideas out there will be greatly appreciated.!

Are you sure the oil pressure is correct? Maybe that sensor is trying to tell you something…

This is going back a long way but if I remember this car has a “dynamic oil pressure sensor system” involving a high pressure switch, a low pressure switch, circuitry tied into the tachometer and a buzzer mounted inside the instrument cluster. I recall replacing an L-shaped circuit board on the backside of the gauge cluster with some frequency after proper oil pressure and switch operation had been verified.

I think a VW specialty forum might offer you more help.