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Buying pickups from dealers who got vehicle at auction

Is buying a vehicle the dealer acquired through an auction a safe deal?

If the vehicle is being sold “As Is”, with no warranty, I would shy away. Of course, they will SELL you a “warranty” but it’s not likely to cover the kinds of problems you may encounter…When a vehicle gets sold at auction, it tends to erase its past history…It’s a 50-50 crap shoot…

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It can be. It depends on the condition of he truck at how they acquired it through auction. In MD, there are 2 lines at the auction. At the first, anyone can bid on the vehicle. These vehicles have no major flaws and are safe to license immediately. Te second line is dealer-only, and these vehicles have flaws that make them unsafe to drive in their current condition. The first line has off-lease vehicles and good quality trade-ins that a dealer doesn’t wanton his lot for some reason. Vehicles from the second line are typically more beat up. Even though they are reconditioned to make them road-worthy, they may not be a good bet.

No used car is a safe deal.

The “buyer beware” sign is twice normal size and also glowing.

The vast majority of used cars on lots were acquired at auctions. When a car is taken back to the dealer at the end of a lease the dealer sends it through an auction and may buy it themselves but it will be just another car through the ring. The interstates are filled with car haulers carrying used cars to and from the auctions.