Buying in Florida living in NH

I’m thinking of buying a used car in Florida when I drive a snowbird down in Oct.1) What are some of the pitfalls? 2)What would I need to do registration wise to be able to drive it home to NH? I will be looking @ dealers and not private sales.

Why do you want to buy a car in Florida? Is the only reason that you can drive it home rather than find another way home?

I would be a little concerned about taking a long trip in a new to me car, even if it were from a dealer. A used car would be even a bigger gamble.

If you are buying new, the dealer should be able to give you all the information you need to get it back home legally.

I’ve been looking for a used ridgeline here in New England with little luck. Much too expensive and not in great shape. Looked in the Florida area-much better selection and price (sometimes a 5,000 difference) and no road salt. Good point about driving home in a used car. I’ve also discovered Florida has no lemon law.

Generally when you buy a car from a dealer there’s a paper plate that is good for varying amount of time; often 20-30 days.
You should be able to drive it back to NH on that.

Whatever you do, have any vehicle you’re considering buying checked out and give it a thorough test drive. This does not mean a 2 mile hop as one can’t tell much about a vehicle in 5 minutes. It may not be feasible to take a 50 mile jaunt but at least shoot for 30 miles and during this time keep the radio off along with the salesman’s mouth if he’s present.
You want to concentrate solely on the vehicle, how it’s running, and also carefully tuned in for any odd noises.

Tell the dealer you will be taking the car out of state and he will not charge you sales tax and he can provide you with a temporary plate…As soon as you have the papers, call your insurance company and insure it. Don’t wait “until you get home”…

If your intention is to buy a genuine Florida vehicle that has no road salt deterioration, make sure also that the vehicle was not owned by someone that lived very close to the ocean. Make sure too that the vehicle was not imported from a northern road salt area.

If I wanted a southern used car, I would shop in a mid south state out of road salt areas such as southern Indiana, Kentucky or Tennessee where the summer sunshine is not quite as powerful so as to beat up a car’s finish, dashboard, tires etc.

Most florida cars are fine. Just have an independent mechanic look at it. The registration you get in fla will last you until you get to NH. They are good for a year normally. You will owe tax if you register in NH but the registry will let you know. If you are not a fla resident then it is a simple transaction to say that you bought the car there. Again NH will ask for their bit when you get home.