Buying from Carmax

I know I’m s’possed to take the vehicle to my mechanic and have him check it out. Should I ask the carmax folks if I can do this. the car has 33,000 miles ( 2009 , executive fleet ) and looks great , but should I still insist on getting to my mechanic.???

Why wouldn’t you take it to a mechanic?

If you buy the car without having it checked out, and later discover there’s a problem with it that will cost you money, will you be OK with it? Or would you rather have uncovered that problem before you buy the car?

Suppose you buy it only to find out the car has been in an accident and is really worth several thousand less than what you paid for it (or some similar scenario).

Of course . I should have stated the CARMAX history checks out green the whole way , no accidents , no liens , and all that . but still , I guess NOT doing it could still be trouble

I don’t know anything about “CARMAX” history, but if it’s anything like CarFax, then you cannot take any comfort in what it’s telling you as being complete. [Meaning if it says it was in an accident, then you know it was in an accident. If it shows no accidents, then you don’t know if it was in any accidents.]

They would not sell it if there were any liens. Ask them how they know that the car has not been in an accident. If the salesman gets huffy, the car may well have been in an accident.