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Buying a used car-mileage or age?

If I’m looking to buy a used car with approx. 60k-90k miles on it, is it better for the car to be newer or slightly older? I’m just wondering if putting that many miles on a car in 2 years is a red flag. I’m looking at Honda Odysseys and Toyota Siennas.

Many miles in the 1st two years is common with cars used by sales reps and other business drivers. Often these cars are getting lots of highway miles that aren’t too hard on the car. My company paid for all service so my company cars were always in great shape when I turned them in. Some reps didn’t maintain the cars, so proof of proper service and maintenance is very important.

High miles isn’t a red flag for me, but I’d have a mechanic check over the car before you buy it.

It is better to have been properly maintained and checked over by YOUR mechanic. Other than that, it is pure luck.

The price range of those Honda/Toyota vans, you could get a newer Dodge Caravan for the same amount

I have ridden in taxicabs that were Honda Odysseys and Toyota Siennas in large cities. Find the previous owner of the minivan you are considering. Also look for signs of a ‘hail me’ paint job, worn interiors, etc. An ex-taxicab might rack up this many miles in a 2 year period. On the other hand, my son purchased a Ford Windstar minivan that had high mileage and had racked up the miles carrying small packages between two major cities, so most of the mileage was interstate travel. His wife’s brother-in-law is a mechanic and knew the vehicle. This minivan turned out to be a great purchase for our son who needed a minivan at a good price.

I don’t think you should go to the extreme with either one. Generally it’s always a trade off, but better er on the side of newer car imo if we’re talking about 5 or so years. If we’re within 2-3 years, it’s all about condition.
You’re looking at two good choices. I’d check safety and convenience feature differences by year to help you make an informed decision. A feature like Traction control, might be worth buying a car with higher mileage for example.