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Buying a low-mileage used fleet vehicle

My car got wrecked (don’t know if it’s totaled yet) so I am scoping out possible replacements. I found a car on Carmax that has fairly low miles (45K). What are your thoughts on buying USED fleet vehicles?

I have driven fleet vehicles as an employee and the guy who bought them has always done well.

However, there are fleets and fleets! Most oil compay fleet vehicles are well looked after, and are ususally excellent buys. As are municipal government types, which are well maintained.

However a vehicle driven by a commissioned salesman in the entertainment business may be a crap shoot.

In all cases, have a qualified mechanic check it out. An Elantra with only 45,000 m iles on it SHOULD be a good buy.

You need to know more about the “fleet”…That can mean almost anything…

Carfax report does not specify - I think it was a rental

Have it inspected by a mechanic of your choice before you buy it.