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Buying a Ferrari

I am currently trying to buy a ferrari 355 F1 Spider. Does anyone know of any issues I should look out for when buying a ferrari?? Any help or insight would be helpful. Thanks

I hope you’ve found a Ferrari forum to pose this question, not many Ferrari drivers here!

But do make sure you have BIG $$ available for the high level of expensive maintenance required, and make absolutely sure, with written documents, that the car you’re considering has been maintained ‘by the book’.

Texases is quite right.

Here is a link to one of the best Ferrari Forums out there. Ask your question their.

No Ferrari experience but friends tell me it might be similar to getting engaged to Paris Hilton; lots of glamour, exitement, unpredictable performance, and very high upkeep.

Make sure you locate a Ferrari mechanic FIRST; he will be your best friend.

If this car is used, first find a qualified mechanic who you can pay to have it checked.

Also ask for all documentation of service and join a Ferrari forum to find specific issues and required maintenance and costs.

I know almost zero about Ferrari except for one thing: it’s not unusual for a Ferrari owner to drive past their limits and crash the car. The cars are capable of more than the drivers.

Perhaps someone will give you a high speed driving course for a birthday gift.

And OP will want to make very sure the previous owner didn’t crash!

My advice is to have a race track built on your estate and have a Ferarri mechanic on staff before you take delivery.

The last time I saw a Ferarri on Car & Driver TV, the maintenance costs of simple things like brake jobs and oil changes were quite expensive. A single trip to the dealership for maintenance could easily cost more than the price of many brand new cars.

First, make sure that you have a qualified mechanic nearby. You might find a local chapter of a Ferrari club and meet with the group. Share your interests and theirs. They can likely direct you to a good mechanic and help you pick a car. They might even know of a 355 Spyder that is available. I understand that earlier versions of the paddle shifters in the street cars were not implimented well. You might ask about that specifically.

Good luck and let us know how it works out.

If it’s yellow and for sale on the South Shore of Ma., don’t buy it! I saw one parked at the beach with a Jiffy Lube oil change sticker on the windshield. Can you imagine having a Ferrari and having the oil changed there?

My grandfather owned a Ferrari back in the 1980s. He spent quite a bit of time getting rides back to his house in a tow truck. Car had to be towed to a Ferrari dealer every time it broke. Awesome car to drive, just be prepared for the huge expense in upkeep.

You have too much money.

Ignoramus, you may be right but if so I’m jealous.

Some years ago I walked into a Toyota dealership in Concord, NH and there was a red Testarosa in the center of the showroom and a yellow 308 in the corner. Puzzled, I asked the salesman (whom I knew) what the story was. The Testarosa was owned by the dealership chain’s owner’s son, the corporate president, and was waiting for a special oil filter to arrive (from Italy I assume) to get an oil change. The yellow 308 had been given to the owner, the CEO, as a birthday gift, but he didn’t care for it and had put it up for sale.

Yup, I was jealous. Still am.

ALL Italian cars are the same. They are made by FIAT one way or another. The brand names just denote different trim levels and performance capabilities. Good Luck if the “Check Engine” light comes on…

Special oil filter? They use two common FRAM filters.

Aww just take it to Autozone for a free scan. It’s right down the street from the Iffy Lube.

Bill Cosby, who could well afford whatever car he wanted, told the story of the windshield wipers on his Ferrari. They said DUMB guy, DUMB guy, DUMB guy, DUMB guy, DUMB guy, over and over.

Good luck.

Actually, VolksWagen AG has owned Lamborghini since '97-'98.

The only experience I’ve ever had with a Ferrari was back in the late 70s . . . I helped a mechanic friend do a tune-up and alternator change on a yellow mid-engine Ferrari in exchange for him allowing me to test drive it. We had to pull the engine to do the tune-up and alternator change. BTW . . . his job was as the personal mechanic for a millionaire car-nut . . . Bugattis . . . Ferraris . . . and that sort of stuff. Unless you have a boatlaod of $$$ or a passion for the car with good mechanical ability yourself, I would say pass on it. Rocketman

A friend of mine has a car detailing business. He had to clean up Wayne Gretsky’s (the hockey legend)Ferrari and polish it. Without any rough handling one of the employees broke off the rear license plate holder; it might have been damaged already. The replacement had to come from Italy and cost several hundred dollars.

My friend, who loves specialty cars, calls the Ferrari a “dumb car” from a detail design point of view.

In short, EVERYTHING on a FERRARI is very expensive. The productivity of Italian labor is one of the worst in Europe.

Another alternative is an Acura NSX. It’s a mid-engine and RWD like the 351. It has a targa top to let the sun in. The manual transmission model has 290 HP and 224 lb-ft torque; the auto has 40 less HP and 14 less lb-ft. No, it is not nearly as powerful as the Ferrari, but it is significantly more reliable and will still be a lot of fun to drive. The last production year was 2005 and those should be available for less than $60,000. Find one for sale and take a test drive if you are open to alternatives.