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Buy out of a leased vehicle

am i able to negotiate the buy out price of a vehicle at lease end?

To a certain degree, yes. However, normally the buyout is specified in your lease, subject to mileage and vehicle condition. If you put on a lot of miles you may be penalized at the end of the lease if you don’t buy the car.

Many car companies have lost their shirt by selling a low cost lease when resale values were good; they have now tanked, and they would be happy if you took the car off their hands. Depending how desperate the dealer/company is, you may be getting a great deal. If you have looked after the car, and paid all that lease money you will get agood deal regardless.

Thanks for you insight very helpfull. The car is in excellent condition, well maintained with below required mileage.

In that case don’t let them try to jack up the buyout price. My mother-in-law leased a car and drove very little. She bought the car at the end of the lease and is still driving it after 11 years!

A few years ago I helped a friend buy a Shell lease car from the dealer when the Shell engineer went back to Europe. He got a 2 1/2 year old Taurus with only 17,000 miles on it for 45% of the new price. And he’s still driving it!

A lease buyout is a good deal, since you know the car and whatever you put into it will be an investment in the future.