Buy a used car previously used as a driving school car?


I am thinking of buying a 2005 Citroen C3 with 41,000 miles and with a stick shift. It’s in good shape, but I happened to find out that the car was previously used as a driving school car. That means there used to a clutch, brake and gas pedal on the front passenger side. Additionally, there would be possibly atypical wear and tear on the car, like repeated parking, etc.

Obviously I need to get this car looked at by a mechanic before I buy it, but what problems should I look for? During the test drive I already noticed that the clutch and brake seemed a little “sticky” in that they didn’t depress smoothly.

Thank you for your help! This is the first time I have bought a car and I’m inexperienced.



If the car were automatic transmission I would say no problem. However the tranny and clutch have had a very hard life. There are many more cars in the vast sea.