do front end bushings,(both sides) need to be changed if only one side is actually messed up?


Usually, unless the damage was caused by an accident, when one control-arm bushing needs to be replaced they ALL do…And you might as well replace every other worn front end part while you are at it, since the whole thing is torn apart anyway…

What are you working on?? year, make model mileage makes answering these questions SO much easier…


In a word, NO.

Don’t tell me, lemme guess. It’s the right side bushings on your Camaro that are bad. That’s because they take more of a beating being by the edge of the road where there tends to be more pot holes, more standing water and assorted junk. If it’s not the right side, do you know if those have been replaced before so that they don’t need to be replaced now? A reputable alignment shop will do only what’s necessary. A “chain” shop like Midas, Meineke, or Firestone (Those are the baddies locally.) will run up as big a bill as possible as their “techs” work at least partly on commission. The more they sell, the bigger % of your bill goes into their pockets.