Burnout 1 tire

I was in my 2006 V6 mustang coupe automatic doing burnouts and I noticed only one tire was spinning. Should I be concerned? Or any thought on why that happened.

Google “limited slip differential”.


That is a disappointment to have a six cylinder Mustang that can only spin one tire. Buy a GT with a locking differential.

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I Googled it and it now makes sense. Is there any way to change it to a locking differential?

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Sure. Two options:

  1. Get a new Mustang with a locking differential.
  2. Have the differential on your current Mustang changed out to a locking model.

Either route will not be cheap. Good luck.


Limited slip diff, $400
Installation, 2 hours or so
Likely cost you $600 - $700.

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For what it’s worth… I’d also question the value of paying $700 to change to a locking differential just to…burnout tires…?

But I was young once too and spent a lot of money that I wish I hadn’t.

Guess I’m officially “old” now.


I have an ‘06 with the 4.0, I doubt it could get more than a ‘chirp’ from the tires with a limited slip differential on dry pavement.

Will today’s “intelligent” drive train transmissions allow torquing up against the brakes to get a good burnout?

Oh yes, intelligent transmissions will allow a burnout. Turn off traction control, left foot on the brake, other on the gas, tires spin, smoke ensues…

From a Mustang owner who has done it.

OP is an 06 with the 4.0, about a hundred HP less than the 3.7.

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Hmmm. I was on that bridge once and there ain’t no way I’d be doing that 200 ft in the air. I don’t think my heart would take it now.


V6 Mustangs only got the limited slip diff for the 2011-up model years. Your 2006 has an open diff. Open diffs will only spin one wheel when there’s a loss of traction. For your car it’s normal. V8-powered Mustangs have had limited slip diffs as standard equipement since the early-mid 80’s. With a limited slip diff/positraction/locker both drive wheels will spin.

Limited slip diff $400
Installation $700

Discovering engine too weak to spin both tires simultaneously- Pricele$$



Sure; any competent independent auto repair and modify shop should be able to change the non locking rear end gears for a “Posi-Track”, limited slip or locking rear end of your choice and maybe change the gear ratio at the same time to one more slanted towards performance.

Yes, you should be concerned. Why are you wasting your money destroying tires literally going nowhere?

Don’t be a poser and step up.
You’ve got a nice car but if you want some credibility find a Drag track, a SCCA Hill Climb, Novice race, Autocross or even a Track Day where you can really show your stuff, make some noise and possibly leave skid marks on your underwear.

Trust me, the girls you really want to impress will be more impressed by your helmet, your SCCA license and your smarts than by a lot of smoke and noise on a back street and some of them may be the girl you marry and have their own car.


Yes. Yes you should. One wheel peel or one tire fire is incalculably uncool. Devastatingly so.

This reminds me of a hiring manager I know who was interviewing a young woman for a mechanical engineering position. Near the end of the interview he asked if she wanted to tell him about any hobbies or interests that would support her application. She answered she’d just finished rebuilding the small block V8 in her Mustang. A glance at her fingernail collaborated this and she got an offer.