Burning smell from car

07 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8
Everytime I get out of my car I notice a weird burning smell. It doesn’t smell like gas, oil, no fluids. It appears to be coming from like under the car somewhere or in the back. Hard to tell exact where because it’ll go away. To me it smells like something electrically burning or plastic. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? I know I need to get it looked at but wanted ideas.

You probably got a plastic bag that melted to your catalytic converter. it will take up to a month to burn off and get rid of the smell


The list of possibilities is long and impossible to determine over the internet.

Best course is to have the shop give it a good sniff, look and feel.

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You could be leaking a few drips of oil from your valve cover onto a hot part. That smells different from what you might expect. The next time you stop your car at night, look under the hood with a good flashlight and see if you notice any wisps of smoke.


Probably a plastic bag stuck to the exhaust system. If you can look under the car, you can verify this. If it is plastic stuck to the underside maybe you can remove it. This could save you some money paying a shop to put your Grand Prix on a lift and doing an inspection.