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Buick regal 1991 harmonic balancer replacement

i replaced my harmonic balancer on a buick regal with one from a buick lasabre will this work?

You already did. You said, “i replaced…”. So, you tell us…does it the engine run smoothly? You didn’t say, was one engine a V6 and the other a V8? Just wondering about the particulars.

i got the lasabre from the junk yard was told the same car engine but my car doesn’t start
i have tried resetting the timing on the balancer by taking it off and replacing it and still it won’t start what could be the problem?

If you look on the back of the balancer. you’ll find a metal collar with windows cut out of it. These windows are what trigger the Cranksaft Position Sensor. The crankshaft position sensor is positioned very close to this collar. If you’re not carefull when installing the balancer, the crankshaft position sensor can be damaged. And when this happens the engine won’t start.


In this case What is my next job how do I reset or know if the sensor have been disturbed.Should it be damaged do i replace it?