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Buick LeSabre

I have a 1997 LeSabre with 180000 miles. I can drive the car for 4-5 miles before it stalls and then dies. the car will start to idle fast, then bottom out a couple of times before it dies. It also makes a horrible noise under the hood and sounds like the rods are all clanging together. Once it dies, it will not restart until it has sat there for 30-40 minutes. After sitting for some time, it will crank right up and then repeat the process again. My oil pressure is off the chart high and it stays there all the time. Does this have something to do with the problem of is that another problem all together? What is causing my car to die like this and how do i fix it? Thank you for the help>

Do you have coolant in your radiator and oil in the crankcase?

Junk it

A fuel injected engine running with low fuel pressure will have all these symptoms including making the engine rattle. check fuel pressure.

My guess is since your oil pressure is high off the chart your engine is having a problem with oil flow. How many miles since your last new oil filter?

If he has an oil pressure that is high and off the charts I would bet that the sending unit doesnt work at all and you are getting a bogus reading alltogether