Buick LeSabre Never-ending Ignition Coil Problems

Re Ignition Control Module;
There’s a lot of long hills around here and forgetting to move out of second gear will invariably burn out the control module after forty miles or so. Which I have done a couple of times. One must CLEAN the module and seat and apply lots of new heat sink compound. Not something mechanics usually have around. Heat is the enemy. I keep a couple of spare control modules from the junk yard. ~$35 ea.

There’s nothing wrong with doing that. The poster is just pointing that fact out, so folks reviewing the thread here don’t think the OP is desperately awaiting an answer.

Good Grief , LJ2 started this Dec 2014 and has not returned . SoDumb Founded post 2015 and never returned . The revived by jessweet in 2020 . And now by davem88 who thinks hills destroy ignition modules . And there is your history lesson for today.

Well gee, the internet is forever after-all. I just wish they’d bring back some real old ones that evidently got sent to the crusher during one or more of the software upgrades.

I don’t mind old posts if there is a reason for it but it would be nice if they were more prominently identified as such.

In fairness it could be assumed that the reason for bringing back an old thread may be due to several reasons.

One is that someone may be so focused on the problem or question they pay no attention to the somewhat fainter date on the top right.
Another is that they may assume the thread is not that old. For instance the Jun '20 may be taken to mean June 20th of 2021 and not June of last year.

Sometimes folks come here directly from a Google search. For example, try a google search on “1992 Corolla HC emissions”