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Bubbling Sound after Shut Off

I drive an automatic 2000 Dodge Stratus (gold). When I shut off the car, I can hear a bubbling/boiling/etc noise coming from under the hood. I popped open the hood and I’m quite sure it’s coming from the plastic tank one would fill with coolant.

After discovered one day (a few months ago) (while doing a regular fluid check) that my coolant way pretty low. Turns out the cap wasn’t on the whole way. I went to the store, got some pre-mixed coolant and filled the tank up to the line. I also had a leak in the coolant system that was fixed over the winter.

Is this sounds bad? Do I need to get it looked at or fixed? Is it something I need to take it in for, or can a rather unexperienced, but not-intimidated person do it?

This could be caused from a weak radiator cap. If the cap can’t hold the proper pressure the hot coolant will force it’s way into the reservoir. Try replacing the radiator cap first.


Sounds like you need a new pressure cap. Trace the little hose from the plastic reservoir tank to the silver pressure cap where the top radiator hose and thermostat housing all meet on the engine. Its a five dollar part at any auto parts store. Make sure engine is cold before removing cap.

Tester, and I are both talking about the same cap. But on a Stratus the radiator is lower then the engine so therefor the radiator cap is located on the thermostat housing on the engine.

This same situation (bubbling sound at shutoff) was handled by Tom&Ray a few months ago, but for a Dodge Neon. They advised the owner to replace the thermostat.

A few weeks later they contacted the guy to play “Stump the Chumps.” He revealed he replaced the thermostat and (ta-da!) it worked.

So there’s two suggestions for you. Both the cap and thermostat are simple enough for a beginner with a wrench and a little courage. Good luck.