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Brown Smoke from Engine Compartment

After a long day at work I got into the car, 99 Toyota Camry 175K manual, and upon cranking it heard a terrible squeel and got a bunch of brown smoke from under the hood. I gave it a second crank and Im still alive so I drove it home and it was fine this AM, it usually burns a quart of oil every 4000 miles and non of the fluids are low as far as I can tell, any ideas on what caused the smoke? it was a damp day and it was 95F thanks

Check the condition of the serpentine belt. It may be time to replace it. If it’s the original, it was time to replace it quite a while ago.

Belt was replaced 30K ago in 06

It’s possible the tensioner pulley is weak causing the belt to slip. (Moisture on the belt perhaps.

could be a bad pulley bearing and the brown smoke was “RUST DUST”