Brother blows up car....Should I be angry?

He took it in and it had a rod knock. He sold it for the price I was going to sell it to a friend for. Double what I sold it to him for. We also agreed that I get the tires back if he were to sell it. They had 3,500 miles on them. He sold them with the car. I’m mostly over but still angry and will never lend him another item, penny, or sell him anything of mine. Sad that I have to cut off family but he brought it on himself

"A few years ago my brother wrecked his car and I was looking for a stick shift to learn on anyway. We came up with an agreement that I buy the car and he will do some, not many, just some, repairs to it in the meantime while he: either gets a new car or repairs to one he smashed. I agree we find a car and my brother drives it for a week and parks it because he was able to fix his car enough to hobble it along for a while.

I end up sticking a grand in the car to get it running, can’t register it for six months because it took me that long to get the money to fix it up as I was in college and working part time. I drive the car for two years and finally I had enough income to upgrade to an 05 corolla. That was in September. My brother bought a Jetta, not even gonna get started there, and it fell apart, the dealer would only give him a trade in of 3 grand so he had it voluntary reposessed.

I had an offer for eight hundred on the paseo because my friends boyfriend knew someone who was big into paseo’s and he was going to part it out to his friends car club. But I sold it to my brother for four hundred because my Ma nagged me for weeks because “he was my brother and fell on hard times” So I did it.

He ended up taking a loan against my dad’s Harley and bought another car a week after I agreed to sell him the Paseo.

1,500 miles later, today, my brother calls me to tell me that he blew the motor on it. He claims someone cut him off and the engine started knocking. In two years the car never used any oil on me. My brother is notorious for blowing up engines, this will be number six. Because he is way too hard on cars.

I want to ask everyone else, do you think I should be angry or am I just being ridiculous about this?"

Ok. We’ve got your brother’s original car that he “wrecked” which I read as a collision, the Paseo, which YOU bought that needed $1000 worth of repairs “to get it running” (YOUR words), the 05 Corolla that you replaced the Paseo with, and the Jetta that your brother bought “and it fell apart” yet a dealer would give him $3,000 in trade for it. Then there’s your father’s Harley, which some bank somewhere thought was good collateral for a loan. You never did say if there was collision insurance on the bike. Okay, so that’s our vehicle inventory.

You sold the Paseo, which was worth $800 as a parts car, to your brother for $400.

Then, after your brother “blew the motor” (whose words?) on the Paseo after 1500 miles, although by YOUR account he only reported a knock. Then he sold the Paseo, WITH a knock, for the price that your friend’s friend was going to pay you for the Paseo as a parts car.

“We also agreed that I get the tires back if he were to sell it. They had 3,500 miles on them. He sold them with the car.”

Who makes that kind of deal? Who buys a car with no tires? Was that the deal you offered your friend’s friend?

I believe I have enough information to formulate an opinion, especially with your most recent addition.

I think it’s time to move on with this. At some point in time he may approach you about something again. Don’t get mad, just blow it off and say end of discussion.

In the past I’ve helped in-laws with car problems and it’s always been a huge mistake.
One of them blew up the motor in his Chevy truck and was in a bind over this. I asked him to give me a few days and I may be able to find a motor for him. After checking with an obscure and very small salvage I knew well they had a similar motor in a car they were going to part out. Even better, this car ran and drove. It sounded good and the in-law went by there and test drove it. They sold him the motor for 250 complete, pulled, and running great.

I installed that motor for him 100% free and he never even said thanks. Matter of fact, I found out a few weeks later he was telling people I “screwed him over”. Go figure that logic.

Forgive your brother, call an end to the family feud. Everyone should be glad they are together and healthy. Life is sweet, count your blessings, rock on