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Brooke's Mom's Saab

Click and Clack are correct that Spyker now owns Saab. No-one is sure if Spyker can save Saab, however, the recently released brand-new Saab 9-5 was designed and is being built by GM. Automobile Magazine and Motor Trend claim it is an excellent car, and should help Saab’s longevity. If Brooke and/or her Mom want to stay with Saab, it might be worth a look at the new one.

I wouldn’t want to buy a car from a company with an uncertain future. Why take that risk? Lots of good cars out there.

I’m not particularly a fan of Saab, but I have been driving a 1965 Triumph GT6 for 10 years now. Triumph has been out of business since the early 80’s and that hasn’t stopped my enjoyment of my car one bit. If a person appreciates what a certain brand does, then he/she should at least consider supporting that brand or else it will die, without a doubt.