Broken radiator plug inside the radiator

Hi Everyone,
Whilst flushing the radiator the drain plug snapped in half and is now inside the actual radiator. It’s not screwed on the threads but inside the valley. I got a replacement plug, but I’m a little worried about that piece blocking up the flow to the engine or even worse going into the engine. Will that piece cause any damage if left or do I have to try and get it out(mission impossible)? Any advice would be most helpful.
I’ve read the other post where this has happened to someone else, but would just like some more feed back. Thanks.

About the biggest issue I could see would be if the piece made it’s way into the water pump. The impeller could possibly mangle it and a piece could end up stuck in the thermostat which could then prevent the thermostat from closing when cold.
That’s all theory and odds are it won’t be a problem.

You could try removing the lower hose and flushing the radiator out with a garden hose. It’s possible that water flow could scoot the piece out through the radiator hose nipple and onto the ground.

Pull the lower hose as @ok4450‌ says and see if it will flush out or remove it and shake it out.

If the drain plug is on the return tank, and they usually are, the broken piece will not be able to get past the radiator tubes. In that case it’s a non-issue.

What is the year, make and model of the car. As @my2cents stated the remnants of the drain plug would be harmless in most cases. Most radiators these days have the tanks on the ends with the drain in the incoming tank making the loose piece a “non-issue.”

It’s a Nissan Skyline 1990 with the RB30E engine. The lower hose is on the opposite side to the plug.

The broken piece cannot cause a problem then.

I agree. It’s a “non-issue.”

I’m just going to leave it in and forget about it. I did try the lower hose off and flush out, but no luck. Thanks everyone for your help.