Broken piston ring

Does anyone know where I can get back the 15 minutes of my life that I just squandered by reading this thread ?


WHO said they are? I’ve read this whole thread several times and I cannot find any post stating exactly that.
They only post about tapering with that relation I can find, is from MG_McAnick and he wrote nothing about new engines at all.
Show us the poster.
If You cannot give us that, then we know who the moron is.

Who came up with this?

“Free Speech” is irrelevant on a message board. Unless you know of government officials in here trying to pass a law abridging the freedom of speech of any user. At least, I’m not seeing it.

furthermore, no one correctly answered OP’s post, because OP couldn’t give specifics of the engine-
because it was a hypothetical. His question wasn’t about why the piston ring broke, but why it broke a second time. Without really knowing the engine, the situation involving the repair, or many other specifics, it is darn near impossible to make an assumption on why it broke a second time, assuming it even did. There were some good ideas given, but they were just general ideas.

@Cake_Jragen- you will enjoy yourself here alot more in the long term if you calm down a bit and stop calling for the banishment of everyone on your first day here… there are lots of intelligent folks here, and I learn from them all the time.