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Broken Head Gasket


I have a hyundai 97? manual Lantra that has a broken head gasket. It chews through coolant. A hour trip takes about ? of the tank of coolant… and my oil is yellow, thick and sludgy… I am wondering if it is worth fixing because the gear box is also a bit dicky and 2nd gear requires a full on yank to get into. The clutch is also on the way out.

I only paid $2000 for the car, so I am wondering, is it worth fixing the head gasket for $1500?

If I chose to sell it, how much would be appropriate for me to try to sell it?


Forget trying to fix the head gasket, and forget trying to get any money for this car. It’s not worth it. You’ve gotten your money’s worth, just let it go and walk away.

If you can get anything at all for this car, take it. There’s a sucker born every day. Who knows, maybe someone will be foolish enough to pay a few hundred dollars for it. Small, fuel-efficient cars are in high demand. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

Since you’ve run it to the point where the oil is yellow, you’ve also trashed the bearings in the motor. It doesn’t have long before it will need an entire rebuild.

Sell it for a few hundred, some enterprising young person or mechanic will buy it, rebuild the motor, and have a nice little car to drive.

Thanks for that… the mechanic up the road will pay $500 for it

I’ll second the others; the contaminated engine oil and continued use of the car means the entire engine is gone.

I agree with the previous responses.

This car has too little value to make it wise to “invest” $1,500. in it. Even after that major expense, there will be additional big-ticket repair items, likely including a new or overhauled engine. The list of probable repairs is several times the value of this car even if it was in good mechanical condition.

The engine is toast . . . the transmission is going . . . the clutch is on the way out. Drive it to a salvage yard and sell it for scrap. Rocketman

Thanks for that… the mechanic up the road will pay $500 for it

If the mechanic really hands that over for this junk yard fodder be the happiest person out there. I think you get my point, move on.