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Bridge Anxiety

Y’all are going to think I’m one of those wacky New Agers. But, you need to Google for two words.

EFT Gary Craig

Oops, that was three words, sorry. EFT is a technique based on acupuncture, but with no needles. By light tapping as specified, and talking about your phobias while you tap, you can eliminate many such things. In a very short time. Gary Craig was part of a team which made it work.

In the late 90’s, they went into vet hospitals, and within a week were sending PTSD patients home to stay, after 20 years in those hospitals. Some practitioners now offer free treatments to vets.

I downloaded the free manual, and used it on myself. I had dental phobia and a couple years ago needed major dental surgery. I used the EFT and had no problem.

One day I took the bus to Mexico City and forgot my dramamine. So, I started the procedure and not only did my desire to vomit go away, but I have never had it again.

I could write a lot more, but most people won’t believe it can work, so no point in putting a lot of time into it. In my village, I went to the dentist and could see she was very stressed. I got the manual in Spanish and she used it, and now is calm and relaxed. She had to do a large number of patients in a few hours every day at the government hospital and it was tearing her up inside. No more.

Youtube will also have basic videos, but at least the free manual if still available.

Note: I have no financial interest in the use of EFT, and much of it is free anyway, unless you wish to be a practitioner. There are practitioners and they charge like shrinks do, but give much better results in a short time in most cases.

Gary was an engineer, and he said when they sent him out on a project, he went out and fixed the problem, then went home. He was horrified to learn that shrinks might work with a patient for 20 years with no change. He is the one who pushed the craft, but now others have also taken over.

I for one have absolutely no problem with acupuncture as a therapy. And I think of myself as a highly science-based person, not prone to alternative therapies. Unfortunately, most insurance carriers do have a problem with it, so I’ve never tried it.

I’m of the philosophy that while we know much more about science and medicine than we did a few centuries ago, we know only a very tiny amount of all their really is to be known. Just in my lifetime alone the practice of medicine has changed dramatically.

My boss once said “I don’t know, maybe I’m just paranoid” and was told “you’re not paranoid Bob, people really are out to get you”. So just because you have bridge phobia doesn’t mean they aren’t going to fall down.

I had no problem driving on a bridge, until I drove a ten feet tall tour bus over the Coronado bridge in San Diego for the first time. The lane was just barely wide enough, the steering had very little feel, and I didn’t have enough power to move to the center lane. The whole time I drove over that bridge, I had a clear view of the bay the entire drive. The what if I hit the barrier on the right had crossed my mine. You just gotta slow down, take a deep breath, and relax your fingers a little. A car has the tendency to go straight unless there’s a blow out. You just have to lightly nudge on the wheel and guide it along. However, a firm grip on the wheel, especially with the numb steering of modern cars, can cause an unintentional change of direction.

you may be scared of the ladder now because your body is not what it was and you don t trust it to keep you safe on a ladder now.

not illogical at all, wise

I used to climb anything and the higher the better, and not be scared, just careful.

now I don t trust my knees, my back could go out and my arthritic fingers don t work as well.

and now I m scared if I climb, perfectly logical and my brains way of protecting me from doing something I can t handle

Thanks for the post! I’m going to look it up.

I thought I was the only with fear of height problems. I started out with an increasing fear of heights from my late 20’s. I froze at the top of the St. Louis Arch. There was NOTHING underneath! I found out that driving over the bridge from Detroit into Canada was NEVER going to happen about 7 years ago. I can force myself to drive over some bridges by staying in the center lane. I just never look to the side. I did find out that there are drivers at the bridges in Canada who can drive you across, but you have to arrange that ahead of time. Now, if I go to see the grandsons in Canada, I take the ferry. I have no fear of flying, which makes NO SENSE to me. I’m cornfused!

I hear they have drivers available for the Mackinw bridge, maybe Macinac, I used to hop around a roof like a rabbit on steroids, now for some reason I am not comfortable on a roof. My fear is not with bridges but severe drops off the side of the road with no guardrails. If I could pinpoint a time it was when I was I developed this ne phobia, it was when I was in Sweden, on the back of a bus with a bud who had just gotten out of peace chore, we did the mailboat run and enjoyed the heck out of the fjiords, Takeing the bus back to town on a switchback road, then it started snowing. Now the bus and a car could not make it around in a switchback turn, and there was a 6" limestone curb. Did I mention we were on the back of the bus? so a car coming the other way, the bus had to stop. Due to the snowy conditions it started sliding backwards on the hill. Luckily when its rear wheels hit the curb the bus stopped. but there I was, on the back of the bus looking over a multi hundred feet drop, and I was breathless.