2018 Subaru Forester - Car Sickness For First Time

I get car sickness when a passenger in our Subaru Forester, never had this problem before. What can be causing this and how can we correct this.

Let you drive.

Is this your first smaller car ?

Just an FYI, I tuned cars for a major manufacturer by riding around in them, feeling how they rode and adjusting various shocks and springs and rubber parts to make them ride better.

Your body has a sensitivity to a vibration that isn’t well controlled. It was well controlled for the person who tuned the car. People have different bodies that react differently to vibration that cars produce. Sometimes that produces motion sickness, especially with respect to the engine mounts. The engine bounces in a frequency range (6-12 bounces per second) that is close to your stomach’s own frequency. If both are the same - barf city!

The solution to your problem is to change that vibration just a little bit so you don’t get motion sickness. Easy to say, tough to do. The vibrations will be different in the different seats in the car. Try riding in one of the back seats to see if goes away. Changing brands of tires might be enough to fix the problem. Try changing the tire pressure upwards first before buying new tires. If 3 psi fixes it, do that from now on. If +6 psi or -6 psi works, consider changing tires. Changing to aftermarket replacement front struts might work as well.

If none of these work, you are pretty much out of options, drive, don’t ride or sell the car.

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If it’s not something you can live with then you are looking at trading it in. There is not a whole lot you can do other than say replace all the tires or try different shocks. this would require big $$$$$ .

Thank you for your response. Someone mentioned to me that the bigger windshield that also has a slight slant to it also places a person’s eyes closer to the dash board which also makes one seem closer to the road which could give a person a motion sickness feeling, have you heard of this.

Someone is making stuff up . What were your last vehicles ?

My vehicles are purchased 3 weeks ago 2018 Subaru Forester Touring, just traded in a 2009 Nissin Rogue which I had for 8 years and before that I had a Toyota Camry. I traded in the Camrey because I had hip replacement and needed something easier to get into. I never had motion sickness with either of them. The reason I traded in the Rogue was in the past year I put in over $3,000.00 in repairs and was informed that soon I would need another repair costing me over $700.00 so felt it was time. Was looking for a vehicle that comfortable seats, modern features and low mileage and a good price. Test drove several vehicles but at the time the Subaru seemed the best but did not encounter problems till 4 days after purchase. Could not take it back to get my Rogue back because the dealership had already sold it.

No, I have not heard of that one in particular but… If driving the car is OK, the windshield theory would seem to fall by the wayside. Easy to test; ride with your eyes closed and see if you feel motion sickness. If you don’t, it isn’t visual, it is still likely vibration.

A windshield related story, though. A new for 1978 car being designed by a large car company was causing test drivers to vomit after about 20 minutes driving. Seeing as how they had 8 hour shifts to drive, that was a problem. They found the windshield vibrated at the body’s natural frequency causing the drivers to become sick. The glue that attached the windshield was changed to a stiffer mix and that solved the problem.

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