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Breather Hose Replacement - Weird Dimensions

I’m trying to replace the breather hose on my 2005 Toyota Camry (2AZ-FE engine). It seems to be a special part? I measured it with a caliper and it seems that the inner diameter on the thing It’s connected to is exactly 16 mm, with a lip of 17 mm. Meaning I think 5/8 inch (or 10/16 of a inch), which is 15.875 mm hose as a replacement would be to small? 11/16 inch, which is 17.4625 mm would be to big? Maybe I measured it wrong with my caliper or my caliper is slightly off? But I can’t find the specified measurements on the original breather hose online anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. I hope just to use generic PCV hose as a replacement, instead of buying a OEM replacement, which I’m not sure would even be in stock on such a old car.

Note I’m specifically looking for the breather hose of the PCV system, not the PCV hose.

Why beat your brains out when you can just take the hose to a parts store and see if they can match it . If you only have one vehicle maybe a friend can take you there .

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Rubber hose. Rubber stretches.

Use the 5/8ths emission hose generically available at the parts store.
Add a little soap on the nipple to make it easier to slip on.
Install the hose.
Have a beer.

Stop over-thinking this stuff. It isn’t rocket science.