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Breaks not working when ignition is on

my break pads were wearing unevenly so I changed the pads and calipers. I bled the system and when the car is off the breaks work to stop the car. when the key is in and turned to the ignition position the no longer work. the vehicle moves as if there were no breaks. I can hear fluid squirting into the reservoir when this happens. when I press the breaks with the car off it works and clamps down as it should. does anyone know whats going on?

What year is this Chevy S-10?


its a 97

In order to bleed the ABS on your vehicle, the ignition switch has to be cycled three times on/off to set the solenoids in the ABS pump to their home positions. Then the brake system is bled using a pressure bleeder.

If you used the brake pedal to bleed the brake system, the solenoids were moved out of their home positions and air was introduced into the ABS pump. This means a factory scan tool for the ABS is required to set the ABS solenoids to their home positions so the brake system can be pressure bled.

Without doing this, you’ll never get a firm brake pedal.