Breaking Studs

While in for my oil change and free tire rotation the mechanics broke two studs (on two separate occasions.)The first time they replaced, no cost after I complained that going in for an oil change and coming out with a $100 bill wasn’t right. Next time they charged me. Should this be happening?

Sounds like they’re using an impact wrench and over-torquing the lug nuts. Is this an independent shop or a chain?

And no, it shouldn’t be happening.

No, and if they were the last ones to put the tires back on, then it would seem to be hard for them to blame anyone else. Did they use a torque wrench to put the lugs back on? Bet not…
This is one of the lesser reasons not to go to any iffy-lube type places for anything, ever.

No it should not be and there’s a few details missing. Broke coming off, broke going on, who has been involved in removal of the wheels in the past for any reason, etc.