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Braking System

On July 01 2009 I had some brake preventive maintenance done on my 1995 ford windstar 3.8L 204,000 mi at the local sears auto center which entailed replacing the front disc pads, replacing both rear wheel cylinder assembly, a complete brake fluid exchange bleeding the system. I want to say that 2 years ago the power booster and master cylinder were replaced. Before this work was done I did not have any problems with the brakes they seemed to work fine and brake peddle was good, the work was done simply as a preventive measure (regular brake maintenance). A couple of days ago after the vehicle was sitting all night upon starting, the brake peddle went all the way to the floor. After gently pumping the brakes while at low speed going in reverse the peddle returned to normal. I went to work and after 9-10 hr of sitting the same problem existed and I used the same solution to correct the problem. Sears did another brake fluid exchange. ABS works fine. still the brake peddle play seems to be more than before. Should I expect a very firm peddle with about 1-2 inches of play or is this an unreasonable expectation. What Happened???

What happened? In a word, “Sears.”

If the brake pedal was “good” before the work it should still be good after the work.

A brake pedal that goes to the floor is DANGEROUS. I would not drive this vehicle until the problem is resolved. Take it back.

No, wait, have it towed back.

In all fairness, Midas or Meineke could have screwed up the brake job just as well as Sears did.

Make Sears restore the car to proper working order–gratis–and then resolve to AVOID all chain car repair operations in the future. (Hint: More often than not, the mechanics working at chain operations are not the best ones.)