Braking on 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis

I bought a 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis last week (brand new). Occasionally when I apply the brakes the car won’t slow down, and the engine revs up. I took it back to the dealer and service said they couldn’t find anything wrong. I exchanged cars, also a 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis and the same problem with brakes. Does anyone else have this problem with thos model and year of the Grand Marquis. I wonder if there will be a recall by Ford on this

Are you absolutely sure you are pressing the brake pedal and not the gas pedal (or both) by mistake? Virtually all cases of “unintended acceleration” are caused by driver error; especially since you’ve already exchanged cars. It is very unlikely that 2 cars of the same model would have the same problem.

Keep in mind that, comparitivley, Ford has far less recalls then GM. And, when Ford does have a recall they are pretty quick about getting the issue out to the consumer. Grand Marquis and the Crown Vic are extremely reliable cars, but you probably know that and that is why you bought one - and that is why government fleet managers continuously purchase more Crown Vics then GM Impala and Malibu.

Keep in mind that you have a lot of protection as the consumer, especially if you are an Experienced American (Senior Citizen). So if you have to, refer to your County DA’s home page and navigate to consumer protection/Senior protection laws. Most important, go into the Dealership with knowledge: tell the Service Manager that you are tired of the BS and you demand to have the contact information of your area’s factory Representative. This Factory Rep pretty much grades them and certifies the dealership and is your advocate for customer satisfaction. BUT, be willing to work with the Rep. If he says that it is your driving habits then he will show you what the bad habit is. Off the bat, I will disagree with all replys that say you are hitting the brake and the throttle at the same time. They probably don’t know how roomy a Grand Marquis is.
If all else fails (and I don’t think it will) you also have the option of going to an honest, independant mechanic and then provide proof of the defect to the dealership.

Does this car have a “drive-by-wire” throttle, or is it strictly mechanical?

The dealer says the accelerator does not have a “cable”, that’s all I know.

I did take the first Marquis back to the dealer for this problem, and they, too, said I was probably hitting the brake and accelerator at the same time. I know this is not true, because I had my wife look very closely when I braked, and she said I was only hitting the brake. I am and Experienced American and experienced driver, I was a truck driver at one time and have driven numerous vehicles over the years, and have never seen this problem before.

Drive by wire is an electronically controlled throttle, with no mechanical connection to the gas pedal. When the computer tells the throttle to open, it will, regardless of your input. I’ve read a couple of stories from people with Toyotas who make the same claim you make, that the car accelerates when it shouldn’t, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a Ford doing this.

One woman claimed she fought her car, standing on the brake pedal the whole time, for several miles as the engine raced and pulled the car along. Why she didn’t switch off the ignition is beyond me.

If this problem continues, all you can do is go to the dealer, and document everything.

The Panther platform cars were changed to Drive by Wire before 2008, but I don’t recall exactly when. Yes, it is DBW.

Ford has far less recalls then GM. And, when Ford does have a recall they are pretty quick about getting the issue out to the consumer.

I do not believe this is true. Ford IMOO does have less recalls than GM but Ford will not admit there is a problem unless their lives depended on it.

The next time this happens, immediately shift into neutral so the car stops normally, do not move your foot one bit, and look down to see what pedal or pedals you’re hitting. Think about this ahead of time you so react without moving your foot. I know you won’t agree, but it’s very likely you’re hitting the gas pedal here, especially on a new car with different pedal locations.

Did you possibly add aftermarket car mats that could hit the gas pedal?

I’m a parts man at a ford dealer for the last 29 years running and have never, ever heard of this malfunction. I don’t think this is a “ford” problem but likely a “you” problem.

Did you possibly add aftermarket car mats that could hit the gas pedal?

Well worth repeating!

Have you had anyone else drive the car besides the dealership?
If not,i think you should.