Was driving my 2004 Dodge Ram this am when sudenly it felt as though my brakes locked up. I was driving at a speed of approx 25-30 mph and it happenly momenarily I stopped completely. As I started out again it worked fine without any further incident?

So you weren’t braking at the time, or you were? That’s not clear in your post.

no, I was not braking at the time. I was moving forward

You could have had a misfire in your engine (sometimes called a stumble). The brakes are probably fine.

Thanks for your response. It was weird, however, hasn’t happen since…

Is there a lot of snow and ice in your area? It could be a large chunk of ice pulling on the parking brake cable.

not much snow however, there was an ice storm one day previous to this and my truck sits outside and not in the gargage